High potential for seaweed value addition on the market

Publié: 29 avril 2021
Dernière modification: 29 avril 2021
  • The community lives adjacent to the ocean, with seaweed as a common resource accessible to everyone without restriction.
  • Seaweed farming provides diversified economic activities especially among the women. In the process it has reduced pressure, especially during times of scarcity, for relying on selling fish caught by fishermen.
  • Seaweed farming and the lucrative income from sale continues to increase every year.


Moyens de subsistance durables
Échelle de la mise en œuvre
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Mise en oeuvre

Facteurs de réussite

Seaweed is free, doesn’t need fertilisers or large farming implements. It can be processed into useful various products, using local material. The income from seaweed farming is really substantial, direct and quick (no middlemen).

Enseignements tirés

  1. Dependence on a single market is neither reliable nor sustainable for seaweed farming.
  2. Diversification of products locally fabricated from seaweed by community members is important. It prevents piling up of seaweed when the markets are not ready to buy.