Mangrove reforestation by communities

  • Reforestation of mangroves in previously deforested or degraded areas helps to improve the health of mangroves and increases the services provided by mangrove ecosystems.

  • The area for reforestation is identified by the local community during the participatory mangrove zoning.

  • For the viviparous (producing seeds that germinate on the plant) mangrove species (e.g. Rhizophora spp), replanting is undertaken through propagules and for non-viviparous (e.g. Avicennia marina, Sonneratia alba) mangrove species through nursery establishment. The density should be one propagule/plant per square meter to ensure that they have enough space to grow properly.

  • The monitoring of the replanting takes place within three to four months after the replanting. The number of plants alive/dead within the sample plot is assessed. The number of sample plots (5mx5m) depends on the size of the area replanted but at least three replicas should be done. Community members are involved in the monitoring activities.


Communication et sensibilisation
Activités d'éducation, de formation et de renforcement des capacités
Évaluation, mesures d'efficacité et apprentissage
Planification de la gestion
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution
Mise en oeuvre

Facteurs de réussite

  • The reforestation area is identified by the community during the participatory zoning process and the plantation takes place when mangrove seeds/plants are available(depending on the fructification season).

  • The technical staff provides support to local community on mangrove reforestation (familiar with mangrove ecology and adaptation);

  • Propagules are harvested and selected a day before the replanting as sometimes they are not available nearby the site where the replanting takes place.

Enseignements tirés

  • The best time for the mangrove replanting should be checked /decided with community members in advance and this must take place at the low tide during the spring tide.

  • Promoting voluntary mangrove reforestation is critical to ensure that it can be continued without external financial support. Motivation in kind (refreshment and biscuits) could be given to the participants when activities are completed to avoid them requesting money. The revenue from carbon payment can be a source of finance for long term reforestation.

  • If the propagules are not available near the place where replanting takes place, they can be collected elsewhere.

  • The monitoring of the reforestation is allowing evaluating the survival rate of the mangrove replanting. Community members are involved in the monitoring activities to allow them realize the impact they are having and thus keep their enthusiasm for replanting going.

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