Resolving the future of all peatlands in Belarus.

Publié: 19 février 2021
Dernière modification: 19 février 2021

Once the environmental, economic and health benefits of restoration been nationally acknowledged, The Council of Ministers adopted the Strategy for Sustainable Use and Categorization of All Peatlands, in 2015. This policy prevents any future loss of peatlands, allowing peat extraction only where no biodiversity loss would be caused and requiring mandatory re-wetting after extraction or agricultural use. Ownership and management of peatland during their use/protection, during and after restoration, and the saving mechanism to set aside funding for restoration have been all clarified in national regulations.


Cadre juridique et politique, plaidoyer en faveur des politiques
Scale of implementation

Enabling factors

- clear demonstration of economic and environmental benefits through on the ground demonstration is the most convincing argument for the Government to adopt a long term decision that is favorable for the ecosystem and people.


- it took about 10 years between the first studies on biodiversity loss on peatlands and adoption of the long term vision for peatlands sustainabilty. Time is an important factor in achieving a positive transformative change.

Lessons learned

- it is possible to resolve an issue as complex as this, when Government, international communities and researchers come together and agree to proceed towards a common goal.

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