December Newsletter 2021

13 janvier 2022 Edward Hinkle
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Another year is coming to an end!  

In difficult times, it is all the more important to focus on the bright spots, on inspiring stories, people and places. In 2021, PANORAMA has continued to do just that, expanding with over 250 new solutions from the Gulf of Mexico to the remotest corner of India, from the rivers of Burkina Faso to the plains of Idaho. We have registered 180,000 visits to the PANORAMA web platform, and have welcomed two new themes: Forest Landscape Restoration and species conservation.  

Thank you for being a part of the PANORAMA community and sharing the ‘solutioning’ spirit!

The PANORAMA secretariat at GIZ and IUCN, on behalf of all partners.


Latest News


We’ve reached 1000 PANORAMA Solutions and counting!


This year marks a special occasion as we have reached 1000 submitted solutions, contributed by over 700 individuals from around the world! Submitted October 4th, the 1000th PANORAMA solution was submitted by Ol Pejeta Conservancy dedicated to Integrating livestock and wildlife to reduce land degradation, enhance biodiversity and conservation.

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Pathfinder Award 2021 winners announced: IUCN and UNDP recognise innovation in nature conservation


On 15 November 2021, the online ceremony of the Pathfinder Award felicitated four winners from China, India,     Madagascar, and Tanzania. This award recognises and celebrates their innovative, integrated approaches to protected and conserved area management that successfully conserve nature while making development gains related to human health, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and sustainable land management.


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PANORAMA's Uptake Feature


A new Uptake Feature has been introduced on the PANORAMA platform. The aim is to recognise the successful uptake of solutions - the transfer or scaling-up of existing solutions in other contexts around the globe. Watch the explanatory video here to get inspired and upload your own Uptake story!


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Highlights from the IUCN World Conservation Congress

During the IUCN World Conservation Congress – held online and in-person in Marseille, France, from 3 to 11 September   2021 - PANORAMA hosted two major sessions during the congress, daily clinics for open discussion about the     PANORAMA platform with newly recruited ambassadors and held the successful launch of the publication Solutions for Development Challenges – Insights from protected and conserved areas.


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GIZ and IUCN renew their commitment to PANORAMA


The cooperation agreement between IUCN and GIZ. which reflects their mutual and continued interest in coordinating and advancing the PANORAMA initiative was signed by GIZ’s Managing Director, Ingrid-Gabriela Hoven, and IUCN’s Director General, Dr Bruno Oberle in a small ceremony during the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Marseille.


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“PANORAMA helps us to bring our grassroots work to the global stage. When we show the PANORAMA solution to donors, it helped us to get more funding.”

B. Vedharajan, Omcar Foundation, India







Solutions for saving species from extinction


IUCN and EcoHealth Alliance are coordinating the Species Conservation Solutions Thematic Community to provide a platform for documenting species conservation success from all over the world.  These case studies can be replicated, applied to inspire the best solutions for each species’ challenges, providing resources for the implementation of the Global Species Action Plan.  Through PANORAMA, IUCN and EcoHealth Alliance initially aim to promote species conservation solutions with a focus on wildlife and human health, especially the link with zoonotic disease prevention, monitoring, detection and intervention. We expect to fully launch this thematic community soon. 

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FLR Thematic Community at the Sector-Network-for Rural Development (SNRD) Africa Conference in Accra/Ghana


During an English/French write shop, which was recently organised by the FLR Thematic Community at the Sector-Network-for Rural Development (SNRD) Africa Conference in Accra/Ghana, an exchange about the value of solutions especially their potential for being developed further and improved in accordance with the project implementation phase was discussed with long time and brand-new solution providers as well as an interested audience.


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Establishing plastic value chains in Vilanculos, Mozambique


Vilanculos is a small paradise with rich biodiversity along the Indian Ocean in Mozambique, which has been suffering from marine litter for decades. This has a direct impact on local environment and the communities. In this context the company 3R is implementing a project whic is creating integrated solutions for waste production in Mozambique. Also, awareness has been raised with the local population for reduction of waste, including, better management of plastic waste at source.


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Strengthening the participation of heritage practitioners in the PANORAMA Nature-Culture Thematic Community


The year closes with a positive balance with multiple nature-culture solutions in the making from heritage places all around the globe! The thematic community was presented in key events, such as the IUCN Congress, the ICCROM General Assembly, and the ICOMOS Scientific Symposium of the Annual General Assembly; and during key capacity building activities – the World Heritage Site Managers’ Forum and the Heritage Place Lab among others. 
Two write-shops were held on two occasions, during the course on Promoting People-Centred Approaches to the Conservation of Nature and Culture  and an ad-hoc write-shop for ICOMOS memberswas implemented in the first half of December 2021. 


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Farewell Blue Solutions! - Welcome PANORAMA Blue!



The Blue Solutions Initiative comes to an end in December, but the solutions will live on and thrive – through all of you, the community of practitioners. We are happy to announce that the home of this community will be maintained in the PANORAMA partnership. We are excited to continue this journey with a new partner on board! GIZ, GRID-Arendal, IUCN and UNEP as former hosts are joined by the OCTO Group and form this new consortium, which will host the marine and coastal community as PANORAMA Blue. We are looking forward to a new year 2022 to kick-start PANORAMA Blue - Accelerating solutions for a healthy ocean!


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Solutions for development - Insights from PANORAMA


The IUCN publication “Solutions for development challenges – Insights from protected and conserved areas” explores how these sites contribute to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). It does so by summarizing insights from 106 case studies of protected areas solutions from PANORAMA. These real-world examples constitute strong evidence from the field. 
The key finding of the report confirms that protected areas are already contributing to all of the SDGs, strengthening
their relevance and providing additional arguments for further expansion of protected areas in national and global conservation and development strategies.  


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New publication 'Solutions in focus' coming out soon


PANORAMA’s EbA Thematic Community will soon launch a new ‘Solutions in Focus’-publication. Over the last year, the Community actively supported the development of new solutions linked to specific topics such as gender, agroecology or governance and policies, which had previously been identified as being underrepresented on the page through a gap analysis.  These solutions, enriched by some other fitting, new examples from the Thematic Community, are now compiled into a publication, providing a short overview over the solutions and highlighting the different themes they respond to. The cases come from all around the globe, covering countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Cameroon, Nepal or Thailand. We look forward to sharing this resource with you ! Check out our last Solutions in Focus-publication here.


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Community-based breeding programs (CBBPs)


Ten years ago, Community-based breeding programs appeared as a pioneer solution for genetic improvement of sheep and goat in low input systems. They focus on training and building local capacity, leading to sustained genetic improvement of indigenous breeds. The solution has resulted in genetic gain of economically important traits, shown an increase in farmer income by 20% and helped the community triple consumption of animal source food.


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Engaging business with "innovate 4 nature - Lausanne"


The Forum objective was to identify a pipeline of innovative nature-based solutions in the areas of finance, food and infrastructure to achieve SB4N. It has been discussed the scaling of existing nature-based solutions from other countries or regions but also building bridges between the private and financial sector and other relevant stakeholders to leverage nature-based /nature-climate solutions in the areas of finance, food and infrastructure.




IKI Small Grants launches 3rd International Call for Proposals

The third call for proposals by IKI Small Grants is open from 15 December 2021 to 15 April 2022. As part of the German Environment Ministry’s (BMU) International Climate Initiative (IKI), the IKI Small Grants programme supports projects and organisations worldwide that tackle climate change, address local adaptation, and conserve forests and biodiversity.


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Over 100 volunteer expert reviewers support the quality assurance of PANORAMA "solution" case studies. Let's recognise and get to know some of them! Interested in being a reviewer? Contact us:

Micheal Rugerri

"My academic career led me from politics and economics-based subjects to natural science-related issues. This spurred my passion for different concepts encompassing the social and natural domains, such as blue economy, green infrastructure, science communication, participatory approaches to conservation, citizen science and natural resource stewardship."

-  Contributor to the first "State of World’s Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture" report.

Ricardo Nogueria Martins

"As a geography researcher at the Landscape Laboratory, Ricardo carried out projects about landscape studies, environmental studies, natural values, and protected areas, territorial planning policies, rural development as well the coordination of environmental education projects."

- Member of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA)


We would like to say “farewell” to our dear colleague Rosmarie Metz. Rosmarie has been part of the PANORAMA partnership secretariat (co-hosted by GIZ and IUCN) since 2017, as GIZ Partnership Coordinator. Her energy, professionalism and diplomatic mindset have made a major contribution to the advancement of PANORAMA in the past few years. Thank you Rosmarie, and all the best for your new adventure in Madagascar !