Partnerships and cross-sector collaboration

Publié: 27 janvier 2017
Dernière modification: 13 février 2018

Redesigning global supply chains and delivering an inclusive business model linked to conservation requires a diverse set of expertise that requires collaboration. Net-Works was co-created by conservation charity ZSL and carpet-tile manufacturer Interface Inc. Strong partnerships with local communities and local partner organisations are vital to Net-Works’ success. Communities need to feel motivated to get involved and working with local partners who understand the local context and customs ensures that outreach and engagement is done in the right way.


Communication et sensibilisation
Échelle de la mise en œuvre
Phase de la solution

Facteurs de réussite

ZSL had worked in the Philippines for many years and had already established relationships with local organisations and local communities. The success of the initial Net-Works pilot project, which involved a small number of communities, helped to motivate other communities to get involved.

Enseignements tirés

Forging good relationships with local partners and with leaders from local communities is essential when trying to build trust and encourage communities to embrace a new initiative like Net-Works.