Introductory workshops for artisanal fishermen

Workshops were organized in multiple communities in the region, in order to raise awareness on manta ray conservation status among artisanal fishermen. These general workshops also presented our project, gathered project feedback from artisanal fishermen and allowed introductions to fishermen interested in developing ecotourism. Workshops were promoted through local press, social media and collaboration of fishermen organizations.

  • Funds to develop workshops and the rest of the project were provided by Project Aware, Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund and the abc* Foundation.
  • Prior research on Manta Rays provided a good understanding of the challenges faced by this species in the area.
  • Initially approaching a wide number of beneficiaries is crucial in order to later identify specific environmental leaders.
  • The message is important. Fishermen were most interested in attending a meeting that will clearly provide socioeconomic benefits (e.g. generating additional income through ecotourism) as opposed to only focusing on species conservation.
  • Coordination with local fishermen organizations is crucial to make sure fishermen can attend workshops.