Eco-tourism as a Tool for Conservation

Publié: 26 mai 2020
Dernière modification: 26 mai 2020

Eco-tourism can be an effective tool for generating income for conservation and rasing the profile of conservation programmes in protected areas. Developing eco-tourism attractions such as hiking trails and interpretive programmes in protected areas allows people to access places which would be otherwise inaccessible. It allows people a chance to appreciate the environment and become supporters of conservation. It also provides conservation programmes with a new source of sustainable funding.


Planification de la gestion
Moyens de subsistance durables
Échelle de la mise en œuvre
Phase de la solution

Facteurs de réussite

Facilities for eco-tourism ventures, such as trails and interpretive signage or tours.

National or local strategies for eco-tourism promotion and assistance.

Active participation from protected area managers to support eco-tourism in their parks.


Enseignements tirés

Close working relationships between protected areas managers and local or national tourism authorities is important to ensure eco-tourism activities are appropriate, ethical and safe.