Marine Water Quality Monitoring

The partnership between Polo’s Water Board, CORAL, and the Bay Islands Conservation Association (BICA - Roatán) has strengthened local marine water quality monitoring efforts.


The partnership created a win-win collaboration where BICA can learn more about the connection between their control sites and the impact of wastewater infrastructure; while Polo's Water Board can have access to data that helps them assess the plant’s performance and CORAL can also access valuable data and information to continue promoting clean water for reefs. 

  • Support of water quality monitoring programs.

  • Empowerment of the local laboratory.

  • Development of a comprehensive water quality database.

  • Water quality monitoring has created an opportunity to create data and information that, when strategically shared, can be fundamental to motivate and enhance collaboration between public and private stakeholders, securing investment in sanitation infrastructure and promoting marine conservation initiatives.

  • Collaboration to find a balance between community development and environmental conservation.