The Meloy Fund – Financing the Transition to Sustainable Fisheries

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Seaweed farmer supplying to portfolio company
Meloy Fund

The Meloy Fund for Sustainable Community Fisheries is an impact investment fund that incentivizes the development and adoption of sustainable fisheries by investing in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that support the recovery of coastal fisheries in Indonesia and the Philippines. In doing so, the Fund and its investees pursue a triple bottom line strategy: ensuring positive financial, social, and environmental outcomes.


Companies that impact the coastal fishery need to respond to long-term stresses on their supply chains, uncertain regulatory environments, and shifting consumer tastes. To compete, these SMEs need both capital and a partner to help them transition their business models for sustainability and financial success. In this way, the Meloy Fund brings a comprehensive partnership that transforms the businesses in which we invest, sustains the natural resources on which they depend and ensures that a portion of business returns benefit local fishers.

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Challenges addressed
Tropical cyclones / Typhoons
Unsustainable harvesting incl. Overfishing
Lack of alternative income opportunities
Lack of technical capacity
Lack of public and decision maker’s awareness
Poor monitoring and enforcement
Scale of implementation
Coral reef
Species management
Sustainable financing
Southeast Asia


  • The Fund has invested $6.1 million of its commited capital and over $380K in technical assistance funding in 6 portfolio companies and their supply chain.   


  • Through the investment, the Fund is increasing investees’ capacity to source from a larger number of fishers.

  • Through the Technical Assistance Facility (TAF), the Fund is supporting a smaller sub-set of those fishers to adopt best practices that can create a higher income increase with the ability to scale to other fishers.


  • For investees that is already pursuing a sustainability standard like Fishery Improvement Project (FIP), the Fund is increasing the total catch landings and improving the implementation of those FIP.

  • For investees that is not, the Fund's Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) is supporting the fishery to be on a pathway towards a FIP or other sustainability standards.

Sustainable Development Goals
SDG 1 – No poverty
SDG 14 – Life below water
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