Assess the total net income from FAP and Control Fields

Income is the best incentive for farmers.

The methodology is in detail described in Christmann et al. 2017. On farm trials using the same inputs in all fields (inputs according to usual practice of farmers, so other farmers can gain the same net income).

Select marketable plants together with farmers. Which ones are useful for them? Do they flower during the flowering time of the main crop or before/after - to sustain pollinators in the field over a longer period. Check before seeding: not all useful crops recommended by farmers attract pollinators.

It is important that at least some plants in the habitat zone provide really good income. Farmers select those habitat enhancement plants, which they regard as most useful. Their criteria might differ from the researcher's criteria, so better seed a wide range of habitat enhancement plants. Include oil seeds and spices, they are very attractive. Check, if they don’t attract pests at this specific seeding time. Check, if they can grow (water demand) under the same conditions as the main crop.