Backyard mangrove nursery

Published: 14 November 2015
Last edited: 31 July 2022

There are two key facts:

  1. Raising large number of mangrove nursery is difficult and expensive.
  2. Community responsibility in mangrove conservation should be included for successful project.

So, our purpose is to involve fisher women self help groups in mangrove conservation by training them in mangrove raising techniques and grow large number of mangroves in backyards of every households of village. This approach shared the nursery raising man power and increased community responsibility in our project. The grown up mangrove seedlings were then brought to our nursery after three months. Every women who grow mangrove in her backyard received incentives for each mangrove seedlings. The same group of women was invited for mangrove training and participatory mangrove plantation event in local coast. This continuous involvement of women groups shared the responsibility, work load and provided financial benefits to local community.


Communication, outreach and awareness building
Sustainable livelihoods
Technical interventions and infrastructure
Scale of implementation

Enabling factors

Mangrove restoration technical background and expertise is very important in raising mangroves and planting them in local coast. The technical knowledge should be mixed with traditional knowledge in site selection. Apart from the techniques, there should be strong commitment and dedication to communicate with local women groups so that they will come forward to learn and plant mangroves.

Lessons learned

Degraded mangroves can be raised into healthy forest thickets through long-term commitment, techniques and participation of local community. No mangrove plantation should be in large number which will be just for publicity but later mangroves will not survive in unsuitable sites. Without proper site selection by using traditional knowledge, mangrove restoration project will not be successful.

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