Business engagement and soliciting financing commitments

Published: 08 November 2019
Last edited: 08 November 2019

To engage the bussineses, KENVO sought strategic commitments from  downstream users of water resources to support upstream catchment management and protection by the community.The community institutions and businesses were brought to negotiate and agree on their respective roles and responsibilities. Each of the parties had to commit to his or her contribution.  


In addition, a business platform through which the upstream community engaged downstream communities was established. In this platform, the communities negotiated agreement with businesses to commit to protect and maintain ecosystem values of an agreed acreage of 3,000 hectares annually. 


Alliance and partnership development
Sustainable financing
Financial sustainability
Scale of implementation

Enabling factors

Willingness between community and businesses to reach a compromise
Availability of funds from business


Lessons learned

Businesses hesitate to commit to long term financing through contractual agreements but are willing to contribute on unsustainable basis


Relevant policies to support PES is crucial to making business support the scheme


Businesses are willing to fund CFAs and WRUAs that demonstrate financial management capability and delivery of planned targets


CFAs and WRUAs are an asset for forest restoration as they have enough labor to do the work