Capacity building to access the funding opportunities

Capacity-building provided to community members to enable them to access the financing opportunities offered by SeyCCAT is essential. This includes sessions on how to write a project proposal, developing a budget, and reporting amongst many other project management skills. 

There are different capacity building models. With youth, we get youth experts to teach other young people, on the peer-to-peer principle. We have also a dedicated coaching team, who supports the whole project application cycle. We also partner with existing organisations who have expertise in project management training. 

We build capacities for short-term SeyCCAT applications, but it participates in life-time capacity building for the people to apply and manage other projects beyond SeyCCAT. 

So far, SeyCCAT has build capacities of about 200 people. 



  • Funding allocated to enable the capacity-building be delivered;
  • Partnerships with expert organisations in capacity-building and project management skills
  • This is a long-term investment and because it usually starts immediately, it means during the early days there will be limits to the absorption of funds.