Communication of challenges and solutions

Published: 06 April 2016
Last edited: 19 April 2017
In order to draw the attention of community members on the impact of their actions on the resource and their livelihoods, different communication formats were used to inform communities about the challenges as well as suggesting solutions and incorporating local knowledge on the history of the site. Communication tools used include documentaries, community durbars, door-to-door visits as well as stakeholder fora. In addition, pictorial representation of challenges and outcomes of solutions using posters, billboards were placed within communities and at vantage points where people can easily see them. Community members are now more receptive to conservation action.


Communication, outreach and awareness building
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution

Enabling factors

1. Dialogue with community beneficiaries in the event of project activities that are not clear to them. 2. Assign roles to participating stakeholders. 3. Make use of existing norms and regulations that support conservation and build on them if possible. 4. Good leadership ensures successful project outcomes.

Lessons learned

One important lesson through this project is that if communities are well informed and empowered they can take steps to protect their environment. Building trustworthy relationships is also important for the success of the building blocks.