Community conservation agreement

Published: 11 January 2016
Last edited: 26 August 2016
This involves documentation of traditional practices of communities that reinforce conservation, including the location of sacred sites, burial grounds, spiritual sites and other areas which are designated by the IP community for conservation purposes and sustainable use. An analysis of the threats to sustainability of these areas within the domains of the IP community is then made, through analysis of trends in resource use, mapping of resources, and other indicators selected by the community. These information and analyses then form the basis for developing the community conservation plan and agreements with neighbouring IP communities. The plan also specifies the actions needed to address the erosion of traditional practices and values that served to undermine the sustainability of the community's conserved areas. Planning and consensus building are iterative processes which involve the entire community, and led by the Elders recognised for their leadership and valued history of their culture and tradition.


Education, training and other capacity development activities
Management planning
Scale of implementation

Enabling factors

Commitment of local host community and coherence among community members is important to complete the community conservation plan. This should be based on a good understanding of the issues and trends, the threats to sustainability of ICCAs, and determination of factors that are within and outside the influence of the community. A well seasoned facilitator group, fully trusted by the community is essential to the entire process.

Lessons learned

Build capacity and advocate for ICCAs at multiple levels. Sub National workshops were held involving 185 indigenous people, which galvanized the understanding of ICCAs among the IP communities. Consensus throughout local, regional and national level was achieved, which further helped in enhanced support for ICCAs and increase interest for documentation and registration of ICCA in various sites.