Community integration and co-creation process

The integration of the local community into the entire process of transforming the park from early planning stages onward was a key action. Different mechanisms can be applied to reach out to the neighborhood, including: WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups, distributing flyers, virtual meetings that lead up to the actual physical planning and implementation meetings. It is also recommendable to reach out to already existing groups and organizations, in the case of the Park Pedro Sánchez, groups of scouts, local schools and a neighborhood committee that was formed as part of the outreach process. 


During a co-design workshop in the park, the community described the current use of the park and expressed their vision, ideas and desires for a transformation of the park. Maps and post-its with happy and sad emoticons were used to visually express the perspective of the community with regards to specific sites within the park and the current use. In order to make collective decision about the future use of every site, people voted on each option. The final map represents the decisions of the co-design workshop. 

  • Transparency about the available budget and the type of measures that can be financed (management of expectations): if participants propose measures that go beyond the available funding, it is recommended to list them apart for potential future activities. 
  • Inviting representatives of the municipality to the co-design workshops: in this way, they can engage directly with the community, answer questions and establish a more direct link. At the same time, the municipality is well informed about the advances of the process and can support next steps. 
  • It is recommended to create a space for participants to socialize and connect, for example during a meal after the workshop. 
  • It is important to share the final map and next steps with the community, and make sure that the information also reaches those who were not able to participate in the design workshop