Community involvement and outreach

Involving people directly in the reef restoration effort and being actively part of the solution is crucial for its overall success. With the help of local dive operators, Reef Renewal Bonaire trains volunteers that participate side-by-side with the staff in day-to-day field activities. Trained divers are pivotal in sharing RRFB’s vision with the wider community and becoming natural ambassadors for reef preservation and restoration. 

Educational programs and tailored experiences are organized for schools, youth groups, local businesses, and authorities aimed at involving them in different levels of restoration efforts, while allowing them to see the results of the project, firsthand. 

Furthermore, located in shallow water, the nurseries and outplanting sites are easily accessible by divers, snorkelers, and surface explorers, becoming an attraction not only to visitors of the islands but also to local community groups.


  • A community recognizing the value of coral reefs and caring for their preservation.

  • Dive operators are willing to work together for a common cause, setting aside competitive aspects of the business.

  • Strong support of the local dive operators and overall the local diving community (ie. providing scuba tanks for volunteers).

  • Involve the stakeholders well in advance and methodically gauge their involvement, participation and satisfaction.

  • Find ways to keep the volunteers motivated and engaged.

  • Consider that volunteer coordination takes time and patience.