Creating effective partnership and innovation

Published: 27 April 2021
Last edited: 27 April 2021

PREYO team members participated in the training at the Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) a youth-led movement of daring social innovators where we learned a lot. That’s when the network with different people started to grow and more ideas were coming in. Some people quitted their projects and joined us because of the efforts we invested in promoting our work and innovative ideas.


Alliance and partnership development
Communication, outreach and awareness building
Management planning
Sustainable financing
Technical interventions and infrastructure
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution

Enabling factors

Partnering with different innovators and people who have resources including machines and those with knowledge on how to run a recycling business. 

Lessons learned

We have learned that you can start with an idea and focus on producing plastic flakes but as you get into innovation things change and you come to find the market for something you are targeting may be the same but the trick is you have to add something extra in order to win the market. Also, we have learned that to win the market, fundraising technique, networking, and language communication are very important.

Do you want to share your inspirational story?

Have you been inspired by a solution or building block on PANORAMA? Then share your experiences and tell us how you have been inspired and what you did to replicate a solution! What was needed in order to adapt the solution to your context? Tell us how you enabled a successful knowledge transfer to create more positive impacts for a healthy planet!