Data gathering

Published: 02 June 2023
Last edited: 02 June 2023

The consultant conducted a desk survey which included reviewing the existing C-CAM funding plan prepared in 2015 looking at the gaps, especially in light of the impacts of COVID-19; looking at similar organizations to see what mechanisms they have in place; focusing on the practicality of the implementation actions suggested in the plan to determine if the goals were achievable or realistic and what would be needed to make them more so as well as if the actions would achieve those goals. The consultant also had to look at what had changed since 2015 and consider what prevented the implementation of the plan at a more practical level


Co-management building
Sustainable financing
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution

Enabling factors

The consultant needed to have access to the 2015 plan. The consultant needed to be able to freely have discussions with team members regarding their knowledge of the plan and their feedback as to why the plan worked or did not work. Team members needed to be accessible as well as willing and able to freely provide the information needed by the consultant.

Lessons learned

An inception session with the team would have been helpful in ensuring all players understood what was being requested and how we would all benefit from the exchanges with the consultant. It would also have given the consultant a global view of where the organization was. 


It would have also been useful to do anonymous surveys with team members to get their feedback on what is in the plan or what should be in the updated plan which would have allowed for more frank and open input

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