Educating new generations

It is important to think not only at managing and conserving in today’s world but also at ensuring long-term conservation through outreach and awareness raising activities aimed at informing and empowering future generations. In an effort to prepare the next generation that would appreciate its heritage, the Mosi-Oa-Tunya/Victoria Falls World Heritage Site has developed a heritage conservation club at the Palm Grove school. The school is located within the boundaries of the World Heritage Property and this has offered an opportunity to work in close cooperation with the school management. During weekly club meetings, staff of Mosi-Oa-Tunya/Victoria Falls teach basic heritage conservation lessons and undertake conservation activities in teaching grades 4 to 8.

This ongoing sensitization on the importance of heritage conservation to teachers and pupils is critical. Outdoor activities such as visits to museums, the National Park and other heritage sites has proven to be very effective in developing interest in pupils and to effectively communicate to heritage values to them. Stakeholders such as tour operators have been sensitized on the program and they were given a role to played in supporting the program.

The Heritage Conservation Club of the Palm Grove School was established through an agreement between the school management and the management of the World Heritage property. The agreement defines the aim of the club and its activities. The club is also supported by local stakeholders, e.g. tour operators, which have supported the programme via donations such as providing refreshments and providing transport when executing outdoor activities.

  • Children and younger generations are key stakeholder in the protection of heritage places, it is important to raise awareness on the values of World Heirtage sites as well as heritage places to ensure the continuation of community custodianship and the connection between heritage place and communities
  • It is important to state that children have a keen interest in learning about their heritage. It is important to conduct outdoor activities such as visit to the National Park, Museums and heritage sites is important for their learning. Stakeholders are always willing to assist where they can.