Environmental education: Bosque La Tigra Rainforest School

Bosque La Tigra built a biological station in the reserve that serves as a rainforest school, a place for learning and discovering the forest. Students, tourists families, and visitors can have a first-hand experience at Bosque La Tigra and enjoy the outdoor activities in the reserve.

Families can visit Bosque La Tigra and enjoy a unique experience embedded in the tropical forest. Bosque La Tigra is also a welcoming space for schools and high schools of La Tigra and surroundings, where students can learn about the tropical rainforest, its dynamics, and local biodiversity. The biological station of Bosque La Tigra has classrooms to give lessons for the local communities that are undergoing training in tourist guidance, entrepreneurship, among other topics.

Bosque La Tigra has focused on creating alliances with universities, schools, and learning institutes to cooperate and implement environmental education programs and other training at the biological station. The Project also offers overnight accommodation for students groups to develop outdoor courses and training.

  • Bosque La Tigra has harnessed the benefit of having a unique classroom right outside the biological station: the tropical rainforest. This is an essential feature of the reserve and makes it attractive for visitors and student groups.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Bosque La Tigra adjusted the overnight accomodations to lodge smaller groups. Initially, they were designed to accomodate large groups, but after the social distancing recomendations this aspect was redesigned. Now, Bosque La Tigra can lodge small groups of students, visitors, families and social bubbles.