Establishing Long-term Business Partnership

To catalyze revenue generation via ETB, strategic long-term business partnerships must be fostered and established with international and national partners. This includes securing partnerships via agreements with profitable customer bases such as international universities and institutions that work with student groups seeking experiential learning. In addition, securing business agreements with community-based sustainable eco-tourism enterprises to provide key products and services that will enhance the experiences of customers and help the business achieve its goals 


Sustainable financing
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution

Enabling factors

Rely on existing networking to generate leads and discover a new customer base. In this case, ETB was dependent on Ya’axche’s network for partnership opportunities. Providing experiential learning trips for student groups, educators and researchers proved to be a key product identified by universities. In addition, building and maintaining community partnerships requires sustaining the growth of partners to deliver a high level of experience of its products and services to its customers.  

Lessons learned

Securing partnerships requires a well-planned pitch and showcasing of products and services. Long-term planning is key. The development of agreements needs to be mutually beneficial. Through trials of short-term partnerships, long-term partnerships can be successful.  

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