Formation of the A-TANYI seagrass association

Published: 22 December 2021
Last edited: 22 December 2021

The association A-TANYI was formed after several meetings were held with the communities, to raise the awareness on the importance of seagrass. Association members, including women, engage in protecting and managing the restored seagrass meadows.


Co-management building
Communication, outreach and awareness building
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution

Enabling factors

  • Meetings co-lead by the University Eduardo Mondlane and partner NGOs, to brainstorm with communities on the importance of seagrass and the threats to this ecosystem
  • The principle of voluntarism is an important prerequisite to be part of an association
  • The association charter was elaborated in a consultative manner, and its representatives were elected by the community members.

Lessons learned

  • The association created in fact a reference community group, that has deep local knowledge on seagrass and their related other resources
  • Discussions that drive thorough reflections on the issues related to seagrass but also their uniqueness, unfold the need to protect and manage this ecosystem, as well as becoming a member of the association
  • Several meetings were needed, to introduce and document strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to start a seagrass management agenda.

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