Foundation establishment

Published: 17 December 2019
Last edited: 17 December 2019

The Foundation is registered as an NGO and is established with Articles of Association for the Foundation, which complies with national laws. Once established, a multi-party agreement is developed which outlines the responsibilities and contributions of each member of the Foundation. The Foundation is normally made up by a representative of the Islands Development Company (IDC) which has the lease for the island, two representatives of the Island Conservation Society (the NGO conducting the conservation activities on the island) and one seat is also reserved for the investor conducting various development projects on the island. The Foundation therefore creates an obligatory platform where all the stakeholders present on the island must meet to discuss issues of importance and agree on a way forward.


Alliance and partnership development
Scale of implementation

Enabling factors

A clear regulatory environment is required to ensure transparent and unambiguous establishment and management of a non-profit entity; in the case of Seychelles, it is managed by the Registrar of Associations. There are very clear guidelines set up that ensure regular audits, public disclosure of accounts and proper records about members and deliberations. These measures guarantee that the Foundations remain transparent and efficient in the way they manage conservation activities on the outer islands - assets of the people of Seychelles.  

Lessons learned

It is critical for the Foundation to contain the right people and members with an active interest in conservation. Training of the members on important conservation issues and delivery of quality technical reports is required to support the decision-making process of the Foundation.

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