Installation of the technological infrastructure

The technological infrastructure is composed of two cameras along the nearby trail to monitor visitor flows, and a panoramic camera in front of the nest, which were installed in October 2022. The cameras are powered by solar panels and also have integrated mics that detect noise disturbances. Two GPS transmitters, installed in December 2022, are used to track the behaviour of for the pair of eagles. Data transmission from the cameras is carried out through point-to-point microwave antennas via a separate Internet line. The information is stored on the NAS and on Huawei’s cloud. The GPS units include a small solar power plate, and the data is transferred via radio frequency to the Move Bank cloud.

To enable the success of this building block, it is essential to count on the technical equipment (GPS trackers and cameras), a wireless connection to allow data transmission, and a storage system. Human capacity to know how and where to install the equipment in order to avoid disturbances to the species is also key, ensuring that the reproduction cycle of the species isn’t affected.

As in many experimental projects, the monitoring programme encountered technical challenges, mainly due to connectivity issues and the need to coordinate various systems and teams. Legal-administrative considerations, such as data use and installation permissions, are also essential when implementing this building block.


Concerning the GPS trackers, the programming of the transmitters according to different geozones makes it possible to optimise the reception of locations and improve the updating of the data for possible emergency inquiries. Besides, the double solar plate transmitter model placed on the female has proven to be more effective than the single plate model placed on the male during the months of less insolation.


The nest camera needs to be installed using and adequate distance to avoid disturbances while ensuring a good image resolution. In this case, the need for a higher-resolution device has been identified in order to make a good interpretation of the behaviour, identify the ringed individuals and their preys, as well as to implement the automation of alarms.