Integrating Climate Change (CC) and Ecosystem Services (ES) into the draft Planning Bill
oThis process had been led by Department of Planning Management (DPM) under Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) in collaboration with Institute of Strategy and Policy for Natural Resources and Environment (ISPONRE) and with technical support from GIZ. This was the first-ever effort had been made in this regard in Vietnam without any precedence. The draft Planning Bill is expected to constitute a comprehensive legal framework for planning in Vietnam that was rather chaotic in the past. MPI’s ambition is to bring all stakeholders and their interests in one plan and to improve the regulatory framework for integrating EbA into the planning processes. oA comprehensive concept note providing a comprehensive picture/panorama on how to integrate Climate Change and Ecosystem Service Considerations into the planning system in Vietnam from the Law, Decree, and Circular levels has been made available to policy makers of MPI, GoV, and National Assembly. oConcrete recommendations and texts for integrating CC and ES have been made available to the draft Planning Bill for MPI for their consideration. oCapacity building for MPI’s officers have been made.
•strong interest and mandate of Ministry of Planning and Investment in the topic •willingness to cooperate among different institutions •unclear planning frameworks of the past created a high demand for change
Capacity building and the formation of multi-stakeholder partnerships were important elements of this activity