Marketing Plan to Promote the Use of Briquettes

Published: 11 March 2019
Last edited: 01 April 2019

The aim for designing a marketing plan was to convert customers who used diesel oil to heat their homes and businesses into users of briquettes, firewood or charcoal for energy. The preference during the first stages was given to homes and businesses where the public could witness and try out the new biomass heating system. The document is attached to enable its adaptation to other situations.


Sustainable financing
Sustainable livelihoods
Technical interventions and infrastructure
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution

Enabling factors

The Marketing Plan started with a study of the existing situation of the population in the area surrounding the site. This enabled the development of a marketing strategy for the Eco-Briquette that focused on the structuring and then enhancement of the value chain, packaging, cost, packaging & storage, and distribution. It also covered the communication and promotion of the product.

Lessons learned

The marketing plan was very useful for the early stages of the development of the product. It was based on real needs expressed by the local communities. What is needed now is a new business plan more adapted to the new needs, knowing that it will further develop the work and increase the production, with the aim of covering the whole region. The management of the plant, as included in the Marketing Plan, will be used as a basis for future activities

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