Pest management program

Published: June 2019
Last edited: June 2019

Feral goats, pigs, horses and cattle have been identified as a key threat to the spring wetland biodiversity and the overall biodiversity of the national park. The program aims to reduce the impacts of domestic and introduced ungulates to improve the condition of artesian spring ecosystems. The pest control program involves baiting (poison), mustering and culling to remove pests from the landscape.


Technical interventions and infrastructure
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution

Enabling factors

  • Appropriate objectives and work towards park management goals. 
  • Adequate resources to implement the pest management program. 
  • Knowledge and understanding of pest ecology.
  • Skills to undertake tasks, e.g. firearms and handling of poisons.

Lessons learned

  • Threats need to be clearly defined.
  • Threat management actions need to be based on science.
  • Threat management actions need to be adaptive to respond to changing environmental conditions.