Planning for the Future

Published: 12 April 2021
Last edited: 17 February 2022

In 2020, CORAL and the Polo’s Water Board commissioned a third-party consultant to assess the WWTP's performance and necessary improvements. Identifying improvement areas to achieve continued compliance with high water quality standards and a wastewater treatment capacity for the projected population growth of the greater West End area and its tourism industry until the year 2040.


The result is an investment gap of approximately USD 300,000.00. However, phased investment is considered in the fundraising strategy.


Projected Investments (currently in fundraising stage)

By 2022: Replacements in the aeration system, going from aerator pumps to a fine bubble diffuser system.  

By 2030: Addition of a new anoxic tank for denitrification.

By 2040: Addition of a new decanter and mechanical sludge dehydrator. 

The projection for 2040 is based on population growth/requirements as a tourist destination/compliance with national & international water quality regulations). The estimated average daily flow will be 612 m3/day. 


Alliance and partnership development
Management planning
Sustainable financing
Technical interventions and infrastructure
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution
Planning phase

Enabling factors

  • Polo's Water Board has established strong partnerships with organizations such as CORAL and MARFund, which have collaborated by funding previous repairs and improvements.
  • These multistakeholder alliances for sanitation and wastewater treatment can open the door for new partners and provide access to diverse funding opportunities. 
  • Non-profits and local organizations are gaining more experience in diversifying funding sources.

Lessons learned

  • It is critical to conduct third-party assessments to identify the status of the infrastructure, improvement areas, and the need for future investments.
  • Communities and plant operators should not be discouraged by the scale of their wastewater treatment investment needs. These mark the way forward towards successful management and the continued improvement of the project.
  • Creating and maintaining strong alliances are pivotal to find solutions for technical and financial needs. 

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