Representativeness of the board

Published: 17 March 2021
Last edited: 17 March 2021

The SeyCCAT Board has members from public and private sectors and civil society, with a majority from the private sector and civil society. It brings all stakeholders' views to the table, so that we get guidance from private sector as well as the NGOs. It is a tri-partite decision-making process, that brings strong consensus, which in turn enhances buy-in from all stakeholders and generates better results. 


Alliance and partnership development
Sustainable financing
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution

Enabling factors

  • Willingness for all actors to be involved in the guidance of SeyCCAT's work 
  • Taking decision as a whole with the agreement of everyone. 

Lessons learned

Representation increases legitimacy and allows for all voices to be represented but efforts must be made not to topple the balance by ensuring that the position of Chair and treasurer are not allocated to those from one sector. 

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