Stakeholder participation and partnership

Partnerships and collaboration between different public bodies is necessary for the development and implementation of activities.

Furthermore, public participation is required for the development of a Land Use Plan and is also part of the implementation of green strategies aimed at improving air quality and buffering heat stress. For example, a scheme has been in place since 1992 for Stuttgart residents to  adopt a tree, for which they are also responsible for.

Having a mayor who supports green activities, relevant legislation and strategies, and in-house research facilities can help ensure cross-sectional collaboration.

Partnerships between the City of Stuttgart and the Verband Region Stuttgart (the association of regional cities and municipalities) enabled the creation of the 2008 Climate Atlas.

Furthermore, thanks to close collaboration between the Office for Environmental Protection (analysis of information, provision of recommendations) and the City Planning and Renewal team, the recommended green infrastructure solutions are being implemented through spatial planning and development control.