Strengthening partnerships to enhance management

A change in government administration in November 2020, brought the establishment of the Ministry of Blue Economy and Civil Aviation and a change in the National Co-Management Framework for Marine Protected Areas. The creation of the framework has been ongoing since 2020 and has delayed TIDE's application as co-manager of Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve. With funding commitments to conduct enforcement at the reserve, the delayed designation of TIDE as co-manager of the MPA meant a delay in effective management of the Cayman Crown reef.


With a limited timeframe for implementation, TIDE, MBECA and BFD signed an memorandum of understanding (MOU) for TIDE to co-manage Cayman Crown and two established FSA sites within SCMR. This required continuous communication among the entities that resulted in a mutual agreement valid for one year. A rollout of the National Co-Management Framework is expected for 2023. In the interim, Cayman Crown, a highly biodiverse reef found lying between the maritime borders of Belize and Guatemala, is being effectively managed through the strengthening of partnerships.

  • Willingness on the part of the Ministry of Blue Economy and Civil Aviation, Belize Fisheries Department, and TIDE to come to an agreement for co-management of the Cayman Crown.


  • Continuous communication among all entities involved during the process, especially in the development of the memorandum of understanding.

Continuous and open communication with government authorities is necessary improved collaboration and achievement of common goals, especially for the conservation of natural resources.