Supporting national advocacy on ecosystem-based measures

Published: 29 October 2017
Last edited: 27 March 2019

To support the Government of DRC in its national transition towards IWRM a Roadmap was developed to guide the development of a National Water Policy. The Roadmap outlines the principal orientation and necessary steps in the elaboration of the National Water Policy, the principal stakeholders involved, an initial work plan, and a fund mobilization strategy. DRR is also highlighted in the Roadmap as a priority theme along with capacity building and cross-sectoral coordination. This Roadmap is influenced by the IWRM experience in Lukaya and makes specific reference to DRR and the role of local communities in IWRM.


A National working group on Eco-DRR was also formed at the demand of the Government, who had interest in establishing a National Platform on DRR.


Legal and policy frameworks, policy advocacy
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution

Enabling factors

National dialogue was sparked on Eco-DRR through the field demonstrations, the workshops and trainings.

Lessons learned

The project’s success in raising awareness on Eco-DRR in the country was evidenced when the Government of DRC took the initiative to promote ecosystem-based approaches during preparatory discussions on the post-2015 global framework on DRR, now the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (2015-2030). The Government of DRC has taken full ownership of promoting Eco-DRR approaches through IWRM.

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