Read our two new solutions in focus publications exploring "Governance of Protected and Conserved Areas "

31 March 2022 Aissa Traore
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Governance is a critical factor in protected and conserved area effectiveness, equity and sustainability. Set against the background of the draft CBD post-2020 global targets, in particular the discussions around 30 x 30 , an understanding of equitable governance has never been so important.  
But what is governance? And what does it look like in practice?
This collection includes 20 Solutions from the PANORAMA platform. From community conserved areas and territories of life to Green List sites and World Heritage examples, they come from protected areas and other area-based conservation initiatives around the world, with diverse values, contexts and governance approaches. As short examples, no one Solution fully describes the area’s rich governance story. Rather, each Solution touches on key issues. Collectively, they highlight diverse approaches to and considerations for two important, inter-related aspects of protected and conserved area governance – diversity and quality. This publication will be useful to anyone seeking to understand what good governance can look like in practice.