Financial sustainability

Published: 08 July 2020
Last edited: 22 September 2020

The plays that are performed in the communities are paid for by organizations that require environmental education projects, and these same plays can be sold to municipalities or schools that require performances on specific days, or even at birthday parties. Environmental education becomes self-employment for the young people in the group.


Sustainable financing
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution

Enabling factors

1. To know clearly how much it costs to bring a production to each community and to have a competitive but sustainable cost.

2. To have a good repertoire of works to offer different clients.

3. Training in management issues.

Lessons learned

It is much cheaper for institutions, schools and governments to have a local theatre group that can put on educational plays instead of having to hire people from outside.  The communities are very remote and the highest costs are for the logistics of getting people there. This theatre group is located in the region, so their service is highly competitive. In order to keep growing it is important to have a legal status and it is necessary to seek support.