Agronomic practices

Publicado: 31 Mayo 2021
Última edición: 31 Mayo 2021

Through improved agronomic practices, farmers can learn how to cultivate improved crop varieties and obtain higher yield using less irrigation water in a sustainable manor.


Creación de co-manejo
Educación, entrenamiento y otras actividades de desarrollo de capacidades
Planificación de Manejo
Intervenciones técnicas e infraestructura
Escala de aplicación
Fase de la solución

Factores favorables

  • Improved crop varieties and agronomic practices
  • Enabling policy environment for long-term interest in this solution 
  • Reasonable and timely access to the raised-bed machines
  • High yielding varieties in addition to proper extension and advisory services

Lecciónes aprendidas

MRB combined with the increase of yields, results in the realization of more income with fewer expenses, thus a higher net income.  Thus, improving the existing farming system using the communities' indigenous knowledge and skills through innovative approaches is much better than introducing new systems.