Introducing our first PANORAMA Ambassadors!

Caucasus Mountain Range

PANORAMA is an initiative to promote and document inspiring and replicable solutions from across the globe. To help represent PANORAMA and directly connect with communities implementing those solutions, we are proud to launch our new Ambassadors programme and introduce the first cohort.

The title of PANORAMA Ambassador is a status awarded to practitioners, policy influencers, and academics who fully support the PANORAMA initiative and who are particularly well-connected within their community. Being a PANORAMA Ambassador is a volunteer role. They are linked to the PANORAMA network and group of partners. Ambassadors form a network to connect, learn, share ideas, discuss, debate and work together.


They support PANORAMA through:


  • Promotion
  • Sourcing of solutions
  • Review of solutions
  • Becoming part of PANORAMA’s trainer pool

The first 18 PANORAMA Ambassadors are a diverse group of professionals from the Americas, Africa and Asia. Let’s meet them!


Interested in being part of the next PANORAMA Ambassadors cohort in 2023? Contact us at! 

The Americas Cesar Guerrero Avila – Terra Peninsular

Cesar Guerrero Avila is the CEO of Terra Peninsular. Terra is a Mexican non-profit dedicated to protecting Baja California’s wildlife and natural ecosystems.

Learn more about Terra Peninsular by visiting their website here:


Tanya Amaya – Coral Reef Alliance

Tanya Amaya is the Regional Program Director for the Coral Reef Alliance based in the Bay Islands of Honduras. The Coral Reef Alliance works at local regional and global levels to keep coral reefs healthy and is one of the largest global NGOs focused on protecting coral reefs.

Learn more about the Coral Reef Alliance by visiting their website here:


Melina Mardones Hidalgo – GIZ

Melina Mardones Hidalgo is a Project Manager specializing in biodiversity, sustainable development and socio-edcational programs at GIZ.  

Learn more about Reserva Bosque la Tigra by reading their solution:


Mirella Baldacconi Gondeck – Environment Secretariat, Guaruja

Mirella Baldacconi Gondeck is a member of the Environmental Secretariat, in Guaruja, Sao Paolo, Brazil and is the Manager of the protected area APA Serra do Guararu.

Read more about the Environment Secretariat's work by reading their solution:


Cleiton Jordao – Environment Secretariat, Guaruja

Cleiton Jordao is the Director of Research and Urban Environment in the Environmental Secretariat in Guaruja, Sao Paulo.


Ricardo Sousa – Environment Secretariat, Guaruja

Ricardo Sousa is the Deputy Secretary in the Environmental Secretariat in Guaruja, Sao Paulo.


Sidnei Aranha – Environment Secretariat, Guaruja

Sidnei Aranha is the Secretary of the the Environment in the Environment Secretariat in Guaruja, Sao Paulo.




Africa Sonigitu Ekpe - Cross River State Ministry of Environment

Songitu Ekpe is a Programme and Project Manager for the Cross River State Ministry of Environment in Nigeria.


Tessa Cooper – TRAFFIC

Tessa Cooper is the Project Support Officer at TRAFFIC. Traffic is a leading non-governmental organisation focusing on the trade in Wild life and plants in the context of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.

Learn more about TRAFFIC by visiting their website here:


Sarshen Scorgie – Conservation International South Africa

Sarshen Scorgie is a climate and strategy advisor at Conservation International, based in Cape Town, South Africa. Since 1987, Conservation International has worked to spotlight and secure the critical benefits that nature provides to humanity.

Learn more about Conservation International by visiting their website here :


Samuel Okulony – Environment Governance Institute

Samuel Okulony is an environmental scientist at the Environment Governance Institute based in Uganda. Environment Governance Institute (EGI) is non-government organisation dedicated to promoting the sustainable management of natural resources in Uganda and the Great Lakes Region.

Learn more about the Environment Governance Institute by visiting their website here: 


Jo Anderson – Carbon Tanzania

Jo Anderson is a co-founder and Director of Finance at Carbon Tanzania. Carbon Tanzania is a social enterprise that has overturned conventional landscape conservation in East Africa with its innovative, business approach to protecting forests and wildlife.

Learn more about Carbon Tanzania by visiting their website here:


Mercy Mbogho – Oceans Alive Trust

Mercy Mbogho is the Operations Manager at Oceans Alive Trust. Oceans Alive’s mission is to create, connect and catalyse co-management initiatives by providing support to coastal communities, sharing relevant knowledge, and building capacity.

Learn more about Oceans Alive Trust by visiting their website here:


Ledama Masidza – Oceans Alive


Ledama Masidza is the Environmental Program Manager at Oceans Alive Trust.



Asia Salman Rassouli Hormoz Boom – Zav Architects

Zav Architects is a multi award winning Architecture firm based in Iran.

To learn more about Zav Architects, visit their website at

Balaji Vedharajan – OMCAR Foundation

Balaji Vedharajan is the founder of the OMCAR Foundation. OMCAR is the Organization for Marine Conservation, Awareness and Research is dedicated to the conservation of dugongs, seagrasses, and mangroves through scientific and traditional knowledge.

Learn more about the OMCAR Foundation here:

Mila Shopova – RECOFTC

Mila Shopova is the Content Coordinator at RECOFTC based in Bangkok. RECOFTC helps countries and communities achieve the Sustainable Development goals for poverty, hunger, environment climate change and gender.

Learn more about RECOFTC here:

Abhik Chakraborty – Wakayama University, Center for Tourism Research

Abhik Chrakaborty PhD is a lecturer at the Wakayama University at the Center for Tourism research, focusing on geography, ecotourism and alpine landscapes.

To learn more about the Center for Tourism Research visit their website here: