Environment funds

Publicado: 27 Enero 2017
Última edición: 13 Febrero 2018

Community bank members regularly contribute a small amount of money from net sales into a dedicated Environment Fund, which is used to help finance local conservation projects such as community-managed marine protection. The money gathered via the fund can be leveraged to secure additional funding from local government or NGOs.


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The Net-Works team initially piloted the concept of an Environment Fund with a small number of communities. When it proved successful, it was rolled out more widely to other communities, along with advice and support on how to manage it effectively. Communities feel motivated by the sense of ownership and empowerment that comes from raising money themselves rather than relying on external funding. 

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In some cases, Environment Funds can be leveraged even further through multiple communities working together on the use of the funds. It’s important to have team members on the ground who can facilitate this kind of cooperation between communities.