Una tourism cluster - Raising awareness on the importance of preserving natural resources, by linking them to people’s livelihood

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Publicado: 11 Marzo 2019
Última edición: 28 Mayo 2019
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WWF Adria provides a model on how national parks can generate environmentally responsible economic development by encouraging entrepreneurs to start or grow businesses in the tourism sector. Activities include establishment and support to Una Tourism Cluster and work with its 27 members, (private sector hotels, B&B facilities, women associations, organic food farms), establishing an eco-market; providing a grants program to fund new tourism facilities and integrate local products into tourism offers; branding and standardization; and strengthening the capacity of TC Una members. 300 families are directly benefiting being cluster members or employees of hotels/restaurants which are cluster members while more than 1000 people are indirectly benefiting. The idea is that all products and services marked as UNASANA are recognizable as high quality and unique in the region, while simultaneously meeting criteria for being sustainable businesses within protected areas. 


Europa del Este
Escala de aplicación
Bosque templado caducifolio
Ecosistemas de agua dulce
Ecosistemas forestales
Río, corriente
Conocimientos tradicionales
Financiación sostenible
Incorporación de la perspectiva de género
Medios de vida sostenibles
Poblaciones indígenas
Standards/ certification
Falta de acceso a financiación a largo plazo
Falta de oportunidades de ingresos alternativos
Desempleo / pobreza
Objectivos de Desarrollo Sostenible
ODS 1 - Fin de la pobreza
ODS 5 - Igualidad de género
ODS 8 - Trabajo decente y crecimiento económico
ODS 12 - Producción y consumo responsables
ODS 16 - Paz, justicia e instituciones sólidas
Metas de Aichi
Meta 1: Aumento de la sensibilization sobre la biodiversidad
Meta 4: Producción y consumo sostenibles
Meta 7: Agricultura, acuicultura y silvicultura
Meta 11: Las áreas protegidas
Meta 18: Conocimiento tradicional
Enfoques para el compromiso empresarial
Compromiso directo con asociaciones


Una-Sana Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina | National Park Una, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Impactos positivos

Now cluster members have formalized cooperation, empowered position for participation in decision-making process, strategic direction and are focused on building an identity for Una as a tourism destination, increasing its promotion, improving the quality of tourism offers and services, and strengthening overall the competitiveness of the tourism sector. Similar initiatives from other parts of the country already started to use this model and a cooperation agreement between Tourism Cluster Una and Tourism cluster Herzegovina, Lika Cluster, universities etc. is signed.   
Tourism is now a leading economic activity. This is a result of joint action, more intense and coordinated promotion, strengthening of the quality of tourism services, and the creation of a unique identity for local tourism offers. Through long-term cooperation with the Una Tourism Cluster, WWF, NP Una, will promote tourism to the Una- Sana area at tourism fairs and raise awareness of the Cluster at national and regional levels.

  • Number of cluster members – 27 organisations
  • Number of products (traditional local gastronomic offer) – 30
  • Number of new services (outdoor tourism, cultural-historical) – 20
  • Number of families directly benefiting – 300 (cluster members or employees of hotels/restaurants which are cluster members)
  • The indirect benefit to the people – 1000 (family members collecting an income from the activities)

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