Flowing Forward: Solutions for Water

Water is a precious resource essential for life, yet it faces increasing threats from pollution, climate change, and unsustainable practices. Dive into a collection of impactful solutions curated for the recent World Water Day that address these challenges head-on, showcasing innovative approaches from around the globe.

IUCN @ Paul Aragón
“Aprender haciendo” y monitoreo para incrementar capacidades y conocimientos
Implementacion de medidas escalables de AbE que aumentan la cobertura forestal y la dispobibilidad de agua
Consolidación de la gobernanza inclusiva para la adaptación
Watershed Organization Trust
1. Village Water Health Chart
2. The Village Water Budget (WB)
3. Water Harvesting
4. Stakeholder Engagement (ShE) Workshops
GIZ / J. Kiyimba
West and Central Africa
North and Central Asia
Capacity Development
Operation and Maintenance (O&M)
GIZ Fit for School
Intersectoral Collaboration
Supportive Policies
Capacity Development
Monitoring System
School Based Management Solutions
Harmony Patricio
Stakeholder workshops throughout planning process
KAP surveys with community
Training locals on assessing PA management effectiveness
China CCTV
Stormwater Public Education and Outreach
Public-Private Multi-Party Collaboration
Erika Nortemann / The Nature Conservancy
Central America
South America
North America
Identification of relevant hydrological service
Identification of beneficiaries
Working group
Legal and institutional analysis
Designing the fund’s structure and governance
Taco Anema
Knowledge mobilisation
Water, soil and environmental conservation
Self-organisation for improved governance
Developing alliances and integration of local to national levels
Drinking water systems rehabilitation and disaster preparedness