Pest exclusion fencing program

Publicado: 06 Junio 2019
Última edición: 06 Junio 2019

While landscape based pest management programs reduce pest animals numbers, they often leave sufficient animals in the landscape to cause significant and ongoing adverse impacts. Targeted high conservation value spring wetlands have been fenced to exclude pest animals while allowing native species access to the wetlands. Two types of fencing techniques were trialled, one larger area which enclosed the spring and wetland area, and one smaller area that allowed the ‘tail end’ of the spring to flow outside the spring and wetland area



Intervenciones técnicas e infraestructura
Escala de aplicación
Fase de la solución

Factores favorables

  • Appropriate objectives that work towards park management goals.
  • Resources (time and funding) for the installation and maintenance of fences.
  • Knowledge and understanding of pest ecology.

Lecciónes aprendidas

  • Fencing is a cost effective spring wetland management tool.
  • When used in combination with landscape pest control programs, fencing can achieve substantial and sustainable conservation outcomes.