Conservation and management

Publicado: 08 Julio 2020
Última edición: 08 Julio 2020

Patrol work shall be carried out regularly to get the latest situation and problems in the nature reserve in time, and formulate corresponding solutions. Hanma cooperated with Forest Police of Greater Khingan Mountains in Inner Mongolia for moose anti-poaching, ensure good connectivity of migration corridors, protect wildlife from poaching and reduce human interference. Hanma cooperated with Alongshan Forestry Bureau, Jinhe Forestry Bureau and Kuduer Emergency Management Force to prevent wildfires, to avoid large-scale damage to the moose habitat in a short period of time, and to ensure the reproduction and survival of moose population.


Creación de co-manejo
Aplicación de la ley y enjuiciamiento
Planificación de Manejo
Escala de aplicación
Fase de la solución

Factores favorables

Sound legal guarantee

Sufficient law enforcement authority

Professional law enforcement team

A sufficient number of law enforcement officers

Lecciónes aprendidas

The protection of wild animals must be guaranteed by relevant laws, and strong law enforcement force is needed to ensure the implementation of laws, so that people do not want, dare not, and can not poach.