Commitment towards Natural Capital

Publicado: 15 Junio 2020
Última edición: 15 Junio 2020

Under IUCN India's Leaders for Nature program, it is important to ensure that adequate due diligence is conducted for all potential members; in order to understand the corporate’s perspective and commitment towards natural capital. 



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Factores favorables

  • A due-dilligence process of Risk Opportunity Matrix (RoM) is carried out via information available on the internet, and sustainability and audit reports of corporates. This enables IUCN to evaluate opportunities and risks in partnering with companies.
  • The level of commitment from senior management of the companies on issues related to biodiversity conservation and natural capital, among others, is reflected via resource allocation (both human and financial). 

Lecciónes aprendidas

Commitment from senior management ensures that policy related to natural capital is incorporated in the business operations and is included in the vision of the company. Lack of such leadership and vision would lead to reduced capacities of personal and willingness to address these issues.