Institutional anchoring and broad-scaling

Publié: 31 janvier 2019
Dernière modification: 22 février 2019

Through the elaboration of an EbA Action Program , the EbA approach was institutionally anchored in the protected area “Cananéia-Iguape-Peruíbe”. In addition, the methodological approach will be applied in eleven other protected areas in four federal states of the country through strategic partnerships with the Brazilian Environmental Ministry (MMA), the Brazilian Environmental Agenday (ICMBio) and others. The aspiration is that in the future, all protected area management plans consider EbA as a strategic response to climate change.


Renforcement de la cogestion
Planification de la gestion
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution
Phase de démarrage

Enabling factors

  • Agreements with and support from staff responsible for the elaboration and approval of management plans at central level of the protected area authority.
  • Partnerships with other projects and financiers are an important catalyst and trigger point for replication, up- and broad-scaling.

Lessons learned

  • It requires time as well as financial and personal resources to develop ready-to-use methodological approaches and to advocate for their dissemination and integration.
  • There is a need to balance generalizable and context-specific issues.

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