Legal Framework on Waste Governance

Publié: 11 mai 2021
Dernière modification: 11 mai 2021

The project references and aligns with the relevant legal framework making it easier to influence and persuade current and prospective clients. The existence of a County legal framework on waste governance is critical for the success of the project. 

The National Solid Waste Management Strategy spells out national targets on waste management and is also important for the project.


Renforcement de la cogestion
Communication et sensibilisation
Mise en application et poursuites
Cadre juridique et politique, plaidoyer en faveur des politiques
Échelle de la mise en œuvre
Phase de la solution
Mise en oeuvre

Facteurs de réussite

Existence of a waste governance structure that includes the National Solid Waste Management Strategy and the National Sustainable Waste Management Bill, 2019. They are important enablers of the implementation of waste management project by helping regularise and organize all actors within the waste value chain. 

Enseignements tirés

The role of government in waste management is critical and manifests through policies and bills which have proven to be the blue print and reference point for actors in the sector.

There is, however, the challenge of policy overlaps which can result in hefty charges and taxes within the waste sector.