Partnership between MAVA Foundation and KfW

A strong partnership between MAVA Foundation and KfW (on behalf of the German government) enabled the creation of PONT in 2015. Both partners have invested considerable funds in the Prespa region in the past in different projects and to sustain their efforts in perpetuity they joined forces to mobilise enough money to give PONT a great start. Successful fundraising allowed for several geographical expansions in 2021.The endowment and sinking funds enable PONT to co-finance the work of the protected areas and NGOs until at least 2040.


Financement durable
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution
Phase de démarrage

Facteurs de réussite

Willingness by two strong donors for long-term financing of a biodiversity hotspot


Each donor has its geographical limitations but join forces to conserve the entire ecoregion


Dependency on each other through co-financing. The initial funding by MAVA Foundation enabled KfW to lobby for funding by the German government


Creation of synergies by experiences in supporting NGOs and the government sector


Support by other actors such as WWF Greece, Frankfurt Zoological Society, Caucasus Nature Fund, EuroNatur and CEPF

Enseignements tirés

Two strong donors invested in a specific geographical area, a biodiversity hotspot, in different projects. Both donors understood that to conserve this area it is important to secure long-term financing within and across state boundaries and for protected area management bodies as well as the civil society. It was understood that the financing gaps were mainly in the financing of running/operational costs. Both parties joined forces through the creation of a transboundary conservation trust fund to make this happen as they couldn't achieve the funding coverage of the entire ecoregion on their own. They did this with the help of strong partners with extensive knowledge in the PONT Focus Region i.e. WWF Greece and the Frankfurt Zoological Society. WWF Greece conducted the feasibility study on behalf of MAVA Foundation and KfW with the help of funding by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF). Caucasus Nature Fund and the Frankfurt Zoological Society gave important inputs as well.

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