AI-based intelligent CCTV

AI-based Intelligent CCTV is a scientific safety management system that uses deep learning technology to control emergencies in real-time image analysis. By recognizing and analyzing abnormal behavior patterns, such as intrusion, screaming, wandering, etc., a warning broadcast is immediately sent to the site and delivered to the control system, following the emergency responses.
In addition, in the case of marine/coastal national parks with a high risk of safety accidents due to tides and tides, the broadcast of tide times is automatically issued to the site. Intelligent CCTV was installed in 2020 and is currently being operated in 89 places in 15 national parks.

The most important enabling factor is to select the optimal location where the equipment can be operated effectively. Intelligent CCTV was installed by selecting areas where drowning accidents occurred frequently in the past. Another success factor is having a set of systems to deal with emergencies. When the AI alarm system is activated, the general control center in KNPS HQ checks real-time streaming to quickly grasp the situation and then rescue teams in national parks on the spot to start rescue operations.

AI-based intelligent CCTV is a scientific safety management system using deep learning technology. In order to continuously improve the accuracy of deep learning, experts continue to maintain the software and provide technical support in the field so that it can be managed stably. As data for deep learning is accumulating, it is expected that the operating level of the system will be increased. Based on these achievements and limitations, it is necessary to improve the numerous CCTVs that have been monitored by manpower using this innovative technology gradually in connection with the KNPS safety management system.