Feedback workshops and maintenance of the park

In order to preserve the functionality and the esthetics of the park, it is important to know how to maintain it. This includes monitoring, the maintenance of green spaces and cleaning. 

With regards to monitoring, it is recommended to have communication mechanisms established between the community and the municipality. In this case, the neighborhood committee remains in touch via WhatsApp with the contact person of the Public Services Department and may share observations or ask directly for support in the case of any event. 

Furthermore, a list of indicators was established for the monitoring and ensuring the functionality of the green space, with a focus on the vegetation, water infiltration, erosion and shadow areas. The maintenance of the infrastructure of the park (paths, discharges, bins) was also addressed. 


During a maintenance workshop with the Public Services Department and members of the local community, roles and responsibilities were divided with regards to the different indicators. 


Furthermore, a feedback workshop was conducted with the Public Services Department and the neighbors, in order to capture how both groups perceived the entire process and to integrate their feedback into the methodology of future processes. 

  • Having worked with native plants and local materials reduces the necessary effort to maintain the green infrastructure and vegetation over time (for example, after the first year, irrigation may not be necessary anymore) 
  • Having established a good relationship between the Public Services Department and the community helps to divide roles and to generate commitment
  • Time constraints: it was impossible to arrange a joint maintenance workshop with the neighbors and the Public Services Deparment due to conflicting working schedules. Conducting seperate workshops was not ideal, but the only alternative.