Training on SAGE tool

SAGE is a relatively new tool for assessment of governance and equity in Kenya. The success of the deployment therefore depends on the stakeholders' understanding of the tool, its scope and application. KWCA recruited a trained and certified lead SAGE facilitator who spearheaded awareness creation about the tool to key stakeholders including KWCA, the managers of the two conservancies, and the Landscape Association representatives.  

The SAGE tool provides for the recruitment of assistant facilitators to support in SAGE facilitation and note taking. A total of 22 co-facilitators and note takers were recruited, trained and deployed to support the assessment and the synthesis workshop. Their training focused on understanding the SAGE tool, the various principles and the questions as well as basic facilitation skills. 


  • Recruitment and contracting of a certified SAGE lead facilitator to spearhead the process
  • The easing of COVID-19 movement restrictions enabled the project implementation team to travel and conduct on-site assistant facilitators training
  • Participatory identification and recruitment of assistant facilitators ensured successful recruitment of suitable talent to support the process. 
  • SAGE Assistant facilitators play a key supportive role in SAGE implementation 
  • Being a new tool in the country, there is a need for increased training of SAGE lead facilitators to scale SAGE implementation in the country