Exchange of know-how

Regular exchange visits and exchange of know-how between experts and site managers. These meetings are means of capacity building with harmonised values and methods taught and practiced both in Banc d’Arguin and the Wadden Sea. Common monitoring and management methods are harmonized and a shared level of knowledge and understanding is created. Participants are scientists, site managers and other experts of the respective protected areas.

The exchange visits of experts and managers are funded by the Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation and partners in the countries, e.g. the national parks. From the beginning, all partners on regional and national level of the MOU understood the advantages to enhance the conservation of their WH properties and especially migratory bird along the East Atlantic Flyway.

Cultural differences lead to different understanding of nature conservation and management, e.g. the diverse views on nature conservation has to be acknowledged on both sites in order to define common goals and methods of managing the sites.